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BI Healthcheck

Businesses need to continue to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. With Quadrus’ Business Intelligence (BI) Heathcheck service we identify solutions, enhance business outcomes and guide you to maximize the value of your BI implementation.

Align Your Business and Technology

Is your BI solution struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing business and technology landscape? Are changes becoming more complex and taking longer than expected? Perhaps the issue is with the alignment of your existing BI solution to your business needs or you’ve outgrown your current technology stack. Let us lead you through our assessment process to help address existing challenges and identify areas of improvement to align with your business objectives.

Quadrus developers are professionals who produced a solution tailor-made to our business requirements. FGL Sports Ltd.

Performance and Scalability

As BI solutions mature, it’s important that the architecture is able to cater to the increasing volumes of historical data. This growth will have an impact on all aspects of the BI solution including ETL, data storage and reports. Quadrus has a breadth of experience to evaluate performance bottlenecks and can truly offer insight into the performance of your system. Through Quadrus’ proven instrumentation strategies and OLAP analysis tools we can help pinpoint root causes and identify cost effective solutions.

Reduce Your Costs and Improve Efficiency

Successful BI solutions are critical to an organization’s success and as such require
effective and dedicated support. Quadrus has the experience and expertise to deliver and design robust BI implementations. Drawing on Quadrus’ comprehensive analysis tools and industry experience, we can monitor, profile and assess your existing BI solutions. The ongoing review and analysis of a BI implementation is fundamental in ensuring its continued success. Reduce the time and effort it takes to operate a comprehensive BI solution and let us help you realize its full potential.

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