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Quadrus has the experience and expertise to develop both desktop applications and client-server systems to meet your business needs.

Benefits of Rich Desktop Applications

Sometimes the desktop application is a complementary component of a system for administration or monitoring. Other times it is a significant part of the solution where the full power of the client is required – such as for 3D rendering of simulation results or for complex visualizations. Frequently, desktop applications may leverage web technologies and protocols for easy deployment and to communicate with their back-end systems.


Moving systems to the cloud often means that server-services become more significant in the overall design of a solution. Implementation relies on developing flexible, reliable and robust services that make the best use of server resources in order to deliver the promised reduced cost and scalability benefits. For on-premise systems, a well-designed and implemented server-service can contain the main logic of an application to be re-used by rich clients, web and mobile applications.

Quadrus is committed and our needs are always met. Autodesk Inc.

Experience that Counts

Quadrus’ experience of developing both desktop applications and client-server systems, together with our knowledge of web, mobile and distributed system architectures, allows us to deliver an outstanding solution that satisfies your business requirements.

We understand how to create rich user-interfaces that are easy to use and fully utilize the presentation capabilities of the client whether it be WinForms, WPF / XAML or Silverlight. We know how to design fault-tolerant distributed systems that take advantage of the hardware available by writing multi-threaded code to utilize all CPU cores in an efficient manner. We’re committed to the work we do for our clients. Quadrus has a well-earned reputation for consistently delivering quality services and solutions.

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