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Data Warehousing

Businesses need to effectively manage information and deliver insights that drive corporate decisions. Quadrus offers a variety of data warehouse solutions to best fit your organization’s Business Intelligence needs.

Tying It All Together

Well-designed data warehouses deliver an integrated BI framework that ties data from disparate sources, providing answers to questions that cannot be addressed through any single business unit. A successful data warehouse also works to improve operating efficiencies by increasing visibility into problem areas and providing consistent information. At Quadrus, our consultants deliver results while balancing business needs against project timelines, scope and costs. We’ll ensure each data warehouse development activity is carefully aligned with the most appropriate methodology, design scheme and technology such as IBM/Cognos, SAP/BusinessObjects, Informatica and Microsoft SQL Server. We have the expertise to make the right choice when faced with complex problems along with the ability to execute on these decisions.

Quadrus ETL Framework

The flow of data between an organization’s legacy applications and its reporting environment is a critical component of every Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence solution. Optimized designs employ carefully implemented extract, transform and load (ETL) processes that minimize source system impact while maximizing information detail and throughput. Quadrus’ ETL Framework facilitates the design of best-of-breed ETL solutions by providing clients with proven guides and templates supported by expert Business Intelligence services and solutions.

Using the Quadrus ETL framework gave us a real boost. The flexibility of the system is tremendous. FGL Sports Ltd.

Maximize Quality and Performance

With over 15 years of experience developing Business Intelligence solutions leveraging Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM/Cognos, SAP/BusinessObjects and Informatica, we can assist your development team in the design of efficient and scalable ETL solutions that take full advantage of your organization’s Business Intelligence technology choices. Let us show you how the Quadrus ETL Framework can significantly reduce your development costs while maximizing overall quality and performance.

For over 15 years, Quadrus has helped corporate departments navigate the complex design and construction of data warehouses in support of their BI efforts. Our team has delivered small and large data warehouses in a variety of industries including Retail, Construction, Government, Finance, Healthcare and Oil & Gas. For organizations with existing data warehouse implementations, Quadrus also offers a full suite of BI Assessment and Healthcheck services to evaluate system performance, assess design and architecture, and review implementation practices.

Let Quadrus help your organization deliver a data warehouse solution that best fits your organization’s BI needs. We can build a best-of-breed data warehouse solution tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

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