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High Performance Computing

Do you need to squeeze the highest performance out of available computing resources? The right High Performance Computing approaches can effectively address complex and computationally intensive operations in a cost effective way. Quadrus has the experience and expertise needed to design and develop successful HPC solutions.

Adding Value Faster

HPC breaks down complex, computationally intensive, problems into a number of parallel or independent tasks that can be managed as a group. Advances in commodity-based hardware make distribution of computations via a grid of processors more affordable. With the development of cloud computing and virtualization, your business can access an almost unlimited number of processors without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Quadrus’ HPC solution was innovative and effective. Worldplay Communications Inc.

Delivering Results

Quadrus brings a customized approach and implementation of HPC to your business, ensuring that you maximize market opportunities. Even with the enhancements in HPC infrastructure, there are a number of costly and complex challenges associated with implementing HPC solutions, including:

  • Decomposition of calculations into parallel tasks
  • Data size and effective use of bandwidth
  • Degree of coupling between tasks

We’ll help you overcome these barriers to help your organization deliver strategic results. We can help you discover insightful and innovative information from large data volumes and complex business problems, to rapidly assessing potential business opportunities. HPC solutions can bring many benefits to your business. Let Quadrus guide your team and show you how to mitigate the challenges associated with HPC implementation.


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