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Leadership Team

Glen Donaldson, Chairman

Glen brings to our team 20 years of business success, including New York Stock Exchange and Dow Jones awards for work in finance and innovation leadership.

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Over the span of his career, Glen has served as a business and finance expert for international corporations and government agencies including the International Monetary Fund, the US Securities & Exchange Commission and the Bank of Canada. With Glen’s leadership, Quadrus has operated profitably in every year since its inception in 1993 and won global awards for its software solutions and IT services, including a Microsoft worldwide Solution of the Year award.

Glen has been a professor at Princeton University and currently holds the Finning Chair in Finance in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. He has published numerous articles in leading business journals and presented at technology and finance events including Enterprise Outlook Silicon Valley and the Western Finance Association.

Glen holds a B.A. from UBC and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Brown University. In his spare time Glen enjoys sailing and power boating and is a recreational pilot.

Brian Donaldson, Chief Technical Director

Brian co-founded Quadrus in 1993 and continues his active role as a member of the Quadrus executive, with particular responsibility for leading the teams charged with ensuring the success of our IT projects and client relationships.

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Brian brings to his role a 20-year track record of success as an IT industry leader with an uncommonly wide breadth of skills and experiences. Brian began his career as a software developer and architect, moved into project management, and then progressed to overall IT business strategy and ultimately to executive business management. This helps make Brian a highly effective interface to the CEOs, CTOs and CIOs of our most valued clients and leader within our own business.

Brian has served as a member of Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council and has also worked with many other IT industry leaders including Sun, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, Business Objects and the Agile Alliance. He has been a speaker at industry events and published articles in leading journals including the IEEE. Brian has particular expertise in project estimation & planning and spearheaded the creation of Quadrus’ Estimation Methodology. With Brian’s leadership, Quadrus has delivered hundreds of successful IT solutions to real business problems on-time and on-budget.

Brian holds a B.Sc. (honours) degree in digital system design from Simon Fraser University and a master’s degree in computer and electrical engineering from the University of Calgary. His hobbies include skiing, mountain biking and yoga.

Greg Lancaster, Executive Technical Director

Greg co-founded Quadrus in 1993 and continues as a member of the senior leadership team, a strategic advisor to select Quadrus clients and a chief architect on key IT initiatives.

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Greg has over 25 years of experience as a recognized expert and innovator in the design and development of performance-driven IT solutions. Over the span of his long career, Greg has time-and-again proven his remarkable ability to design elegant, extensible and scalable solutions to even the most complex technology and business challenges in areas such as: scientific computing, filtering and compression, digital image processing, high performance databases, distributed computing, high-speed analytics, security and encryption, and enterprise application integration.

Greg has delivered such solutions in various business domains including: energy, financial services, biotechnology, telecommunications, health care, entertainment, education and internet commerce. As with all of Quadrus’ senior IT professionals, Greg’s proficiency in designing and building a huge range of solutions, using a variety of tools, technologies and processes, has given him broad hands-on experience and deep expertise that allows Greg to arrive at IT business decisions that are wise, not merely clever.

Greg holds numerous technical competencies in areas such as Agile Methods, .NET, Java, databases, high performance computing, and design patterns. He completed his studies in mathematics and computer science at the University of Calgary. Greg’s hobbies include woodworking, hiking and astronomy.

Wendy Brown, President

Wendy has operational responsibility for the many teams executing Quadrus’ ongoing business activities including: sales & marketing, service planning & delivery, human resources and general administration.

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Wendy brings to her role over 20 years of successful leadership experience, inspiring and managing highly productive and cohesive teams and leading the smooth execution of business management processes. She has been a key member of the Quadrus leadership team since 2000.

Wendy began her career first as a software engineer and then as a senior project manager, working on the front lines in large corporate enterprises and medium-sized technology-focused companies. Wendy later progressed through a series of increasingly senior executive management positions where she amassed a highly successful track record in various aspects of operational leadership within IT businesses, including Quadrus.

Wendy holds a B.Sc. degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Victoria. Outside of work, Wendy enjoys karate, yoga and is an avid golfer; she also devotes time to organizing events in community soccer and competitive swimming.

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