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The mobile development space is rapidly changing. Devices are quickly evolving. Whole new platforms appear and sometimes seem to disappear just as fast.

Quadrus can provide the guidance and expertise necessary to ensure success by drawing on our many years of software development and web development experience. Our mobile web service is often a perfect companion for clients taking advantage of our cloud computing development service or our business intelligence solutions.

Which Devices and Platforms Will You Target?

Supporting a native version of an application on each mobile platform can be costly, even if you are in the consumer application business. For the corporate mobile application market there are added complications of deployment and support. This includes maintaining multiple internal app stores, ensuring data security, providing end-user support, and managing a diverse range of devices from a code development, testing and maintenance point of view.

Guiding You to Success

Quadrus believes that web-based mobile applications are likely to be a much better fit for most enterprise clients than native app development. Enterprise users want fast and convenient access to their data wherever they need it and on whatever device they are using. The mobile web is an ideal platform to deliver on this goal. Companies can re-use their existing investment in skills and code to target the new platforms in a cost effective manner.

Mobile-optimized web applications are easier and quicker to develop than native applications and can be rolled out by simply making a URL public. Such easy-deployment bypasses the need for an app store; there is no need to go through the hassle of explicitly supporting new devices as they are released.

Quadrus is ideally placed to develop your next mobile solution and can deliver both the mobile-optimized user experience as well as the scalable back-end systems to power your solution.

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