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Our Approach

At Quadrus, our team is always looking for ways to make your business stronger. With our broad expertise and years of hands-on experience, Quadrus can help you achieve the very best results. You’ll see the difference right from the start. Our approach allows us to help you get your projects completed efficiently and to your satisfaction.

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Quadrus Estimation Methodology

How is Quadrus able to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget? Key to structuring a successful project is estimating its effort, duration and cost, both before and during the project’s lifetime. When you engage with Quadrus you gain the benefits of better planned and managed projects through the use of Quadrus’ world-class Estimation Methodology. For more information download the Quadrus Estimation Methodology article to learn more about the challenges with project estimation, how traditional estimation methods can be inaccurate, and how QEM can help.

Architecture and Toolkits

Whether it’s an application development project or business intelligence solution, we have the tools to start adding value faster to your organization. We can approach your project with ready-made toolkit templates, re-usable libraries and components and best practices. We’ll spend more time implementing the features you need and less time trying to figure out how to piece it together.

As part of our knowledge sharing culture we promote re-use wherever we can. Our internal code-review process ensures that the quality of our consultants’ work is used to identify and promote good practices throughout our development teams. Our consultants know how to best take advantage of new technologies. Download the Enterprise Architecture whitepaper to learn about the key architectural focus areas for most organizations and the desired framing context for an enterprise architecture.

Managed Delivery

At Quadrus, we understand the importance of the investments you make in your business. That’s why we take an active approach to ensure our delivery is coordinated, optimized and aligned with your project and business needs. We work closely with you to deliver outstanding results, every time. As we develop your solution our team provides you with regular reports to ensure you are informed every step of the way.

Estimation as a Service

Apply Quadrus Estimation Methodology in your organization. Read more …

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