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Software Estimation

Quadrus’ world-class project estimation methodology is proven to deliver accurate and reliable estimates for software projects. The Quadrus Estimation Methodology (QEM) exists to take the guesswork out of budgeting, streamline project execution, and maximize your return on investment.

Our Services

Quadrus offers a variety of QEM services to help you improve the accuracy of estimates performed by your team and/or your entire organization. If your team or organization is Agile or is considering Agile, you may wish to combine Quadrus’ Agile Adoption services with the QEM services listed below.

Project Estimation

Set your project up for success with the QEM Jumpstart. Enable your project team with training, mentoring, tools and techniques for creating accurate project estimates. QEM Jumpstart services ensure that organizations are best positioned to transition learning into the workplace.

Estimation for your Organization

Our Enhanced QEM Jumpstart helps you consistently deliver successful projects across your organization. This program extends beyond a single project team to facilitate the rapid, smooth and effective adoption of QEM across multiple project teams or the entire organization.

Quadrus has a phenomenal reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget. Microsoft

QEM Certification

To facilitate the growth of in-house experts QEM services promote the development of QEM Certified Professionals.

  • Certified QEM Practitioner – The QEM Practitioner demonstrates competency in QEM and understands the underlying logic and activities that are necessary to drive more accurate and reliable estimates.
  • Certified QEM Planner – The QEM Planner exhibits advanced QEM knowledge gained through additional training and mentoring. Those certified as a QEM Planner receive a license to the web-based Quadrus Estimatorâ„¢ and are able to create accurate project estimates and reliable project plans.
  • Certified QEM Mentor – This advanced certification is awarded to top QEM Planners who are able promote QEM within their own organization and certify others as QEM Practitioners or Planners. QEM Mentors are self-sufficient and drive in-house expertise to facilitate QEM adoption across multiple project teams.

Project Estimation Software

Codifying the Quadrus Estimation Methodology, Quadrus has developed an application to make applying theory into practice easier. The Quadrus Estimatorâ„¢ is a full-featured web application that enables you to apply QEM to deliver estimates rapidly and accurately. Certified QEM Planners and QEM Mentors are able to leverage the Quadrus Estimator for their project estimates.

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Estimation Overview

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What you need to consider

  • Is testing included in the estimate?
  • Have you accounted for meeting time?
  • Is the estimate in "ideal days"?
  • Do the estimates include requirements gathering?
  • Is analysis and design a separate task?
  • How do new requirements impact estimates?
  • What is the variance in the task estimates?
  • What is the confidence in the overall estimate?

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