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System Integration

System integration streamlines and optimizes business process workflow. Quadrus provides the extensive expertise to build adaptable and customized integration solutions. Whether part of a carefully considered Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiative or as an immediate need for data sharing and ad-hoc connectivity, Quadrus rapidly and effectively connects your existing systems.

To integrate systems across your organization, Quadrus can manage the planning and lay the foundations for a transition to true SOA. With our many years of software-development and data-management experience, we have the know-how to build a solution that will work for your business. Quadrus will ensure your integration is done correctly and is appropriately customized to fit your business needs.

Data Level Integration

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a typical approach to transport data from one system to another, often employed when integrating smaller systems and data-centric applications. Quadrus can build the ETL processes you need using the database you already own to deliver cost-effective integration between your existing applications.

Enterprise Service Bus & Messaging Solutions

For more sophisticated systems where real-time integration is often a key requirement, the batch-processing nature of ETL can prove restrictive. In such cases, messaging solutions are often better suited to meet system integration needs. Whether integration is managed via a central broker-type enterprise service bus or brokerless message queuing, the aim is to make communication between applications asynchronous.

An asynchronous approach facilitates seamless communication between operating applications. When designed correctly, asynchronous applications are unaffected by transient disconnections, and longer periods of downtime are tolerated elegantly. However, when single-server applications are tightly-coupled together they are often unable to cope with connectivity issues. Quadrus can deliver messaging solutions to help address many of the Fallacies of Distributed Computing.

The Quadrus team proved to be extremely skilled people who I would gladly work with again. Powerex Corporation

Business Activity Monitoring & Business Intelligence

Quadrus can use your chosen messaging infrastructure to deliver fast, robust and reliable systems, providing new levels of monitoring and control. The ability to see information flows both within your company and between systems can allow you to apply effective Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to help manage day-to-day operations. In addition, event-based messages can feed naturally into Business Intelligence and reporting systems for longer-term planning.

We use the right tools and techniques to help you create an effective solution. Quadrus can offer you a customized solution and integration architecture aimed at modernizing, consolidating and coordinating critical business data, applications and systems across the enterprise.

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