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Web Development

Developing a web application requires all those best practices and processes that we apply to all of our application development projects. But it also requires key web-specific practices that are all-too-often overlooked. Quadrus has the experience required to build robust apps that will withstand the test of time.

Web Standards for Compatibility

The web is a constantly evolving platform with multiple updates to browsers and new capabilities appearing every year. IT professionals and developers must ensure that web applications are compatible with existing browsers while also taking advantage of new web technology.

At Quadrus, we understand the importance of separating style from content and behaviour from both so that information and data can be maintained separately from themes, styles and functionality. We use progressive enhancements to provide “graceful degradation” for visitors using your application with an older browser while at the same time providing an enhanced experience for users with more capable browsers. We’ll leverage the modern array of JavaScript libraries and plugins to deliver features that work across different browsers in a time and cost effective manner.

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Web Development and Design Process

Our experience has taught us the value of creating quick and inexpensive mock-ups and storyboards. We’ll design the user experience separate to creating the graphical design and before implementing the semantic HTML markup, CSS styling and JavaScript behaviours. You’ll end up with a system that meets your requirements and is delivered in the fastest possible timeframe.

We’ll also go above and beyond to provide a rich user experience. Our applications work efficiently requiring less bandwidth and fewer platform resources because we understand the underlying web technologies.

Technology Expertise

Our developers and database specialists ensure that your data is efficiently stored in a reusable manner whether it’s in a traditional relational database, a NoSQL data store or on the cloud. If scalability is important to you then we can apply our knowledge of building distributed systems with messaging queues to ensure data is consistent while allowing for high volumes to be processed in a reliable way.

Testing is another important piece of web development that is often overlooked. Fortunately, we have the technical know-how to create web-browser automation tests and JavaScript unit tests so that a suite of end-to-end integration tests can be run and re-run as needed.

Web applications are connected more than ever before whether it’s your own internal applications or external sites such as Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook. We can consume these and any web services you have or help you develop your own.

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What we know

  • Semantic HTML Markup
  • Cross-browser CSS Styling
  • JavaScript Client Libraries
  • Automated Website Testing
  • Image Formats and Optimization
  • HTTP Protocol and Profiling
  • Mock-up to prototype design processes
  • Cloud development
  • JSON, XML, SOAP, Web-Services
  • User-Interface Design and Best Practices

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