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Location-Based Software Development at Autodesk

Our Client

Autodesk, Inc. is a worldwide design resource that has helped over four million design professionals in more than 160 countries model, make, manage and market their designs.

Autodesk Location Services is a global provider of location-based software applications such as LocationLogic, a location services platform that delivers location-based applications to wired, mobile, and wireless users.

The Need

Autodesk’s mandate is to sell the LocationLogic platform to global telephone companies looking to develop applications for location services.

Autodesk engaged Quadrus to help them complete the work on the platform, and ensure it was technically solid for a successful release to market.

Our Solution

Quadrus designed and implemented components that provided fault-tolerant, load-balanced services to the application and enhanced its core engine to perform tracing functions.

Quadrus also added database exception handling and transactions to the application to make it more robust.

Autodesk also wanted to make the LocationLogic application internet accessible. Quadrus enabled this functionality, broadening the platform’s applications in the marketplace to provide increased flexibility, usability, and convenience to users.

Quadrus consultants’ minds and souls get into what they are doing. These are technically strong people with a willingness to get the job done. They are dedicated, committed, and get involved. Our needs are always met.

The Result

Autodesk deems the project to be a legitimate success, with the first release of LocationLogic being functional and “code complete” on schedule and on-budget.

Autodesk was familiar with Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology but recognized that finding a successful solution would require specific technical expertise, which they found in Quadrus.

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