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Enhanced Document Management at Canadian Pacific Rail (CPR)

Our Client

Canadian Pacific Rail (CPR) is one of North America’s largest railway systems with a history dating back to the 1880’s when it completed Canada’s first transcontinental railroad.

CPR operates in a highly regulated environment subject to federal laws, regulations, and rules in both Canada and the United States. This directly affects how they need to manage operations and business activities.

The Need

With offices across the globe, CPR’s environment is quite distributed. As a result, they had amassed an epic collection of documents over their 120 years in business, and maintaining this collection was challenging.

CPR was looking to develop an internet-based, web-enabled document library system to improve access and organization of its internal documents.

The criteria for this project included: browser managed operations and the ability to search, open, edit, and save documents. The solution also needed to incorporate collaboration tools and messaging functionality, and demanded stringent security requirements. CPR contacted Quadrus to help them achieve these goals.

Our Solution

Quadrus prototyped a pre-release version of Microsoft® Exchange 2000, extending and adapting its elements to suit CPR’s needs.

Quadrus also developed a custom navigation bar and viewer, which permitted access to the document library as well as other Exchange items such as Inbox and Calendar.

Outlook’s Deleted Items folder was also adapted to allow familiar deletion and recovery of files, and extended to accommodate drag-and-drop support to allow copying items between different database stores and different clustered servers.

The traditional Outlook Web Access toolbar was also extended to offer additional functionality.

Flexible Engagement – CPR

Quadrus' people truly set them apart. Each and every member we worked with clearly understood our business needs and displayed an uncommon level of adaptability throughout the project.

The Result

The net effect of the solution is a document library system that allows CPR employees to easily browse through a list of documents, search for a particular item, attach an item to an email message, or drag-and-drop it to another location in the library.

Quadrus was awarded Microsoft’s MEC Solutions Award for Best Exchange 2000 Solution by a Partner for this project.

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