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Business Intelligence Implementation at Graham Construction

Our Client

For Graham Group Ltd. (Graham), maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace relies on making well-informed and timely strategic decisions.

In understanding how each of its projects contributes to overall operating profits, Graham is empowered to better understand its activities, markets and how it is being impacted by industry trends.

The recent release of an Operating Profit Business Intelligence (BI) solution is a great example of how Graham is leveraging technology, its IT/IS group and Quadrus to improve its decision-making capabilities.

The Need

BI is a combination of applications and technologies that gather, provide access to, and analyze operational data. In Graham’s environment, Managers had access to enormous amounts of data but were often challenged to make sense of it to validate subjective information.

Though they had access to standard reports on operating profit and revenue, Managers seeking to drill down further into key project metrics were forced to run several reports and manually consolidate the information. 

Given hectic schedules and additional commitments, by the time Managers ran and consolidated these different reports, what they were initially looking for had often changed scope. Graham’s CEO engaged Quadrus to work with the company’s IT/IS group to find a solution.

Our Solution

In a matter of weeks, Graham IT/IS and Quadrus delivered a dynamic, real-time BI solution that is accessible anytime from anywhere, provides critical operational metrics with drill-down capabilities and delivers an Operating Profit report that is up-to-the-minute accurate.

Graham Group Ltd

We leveraged Quadrus’ expertise and the latest technology to deliver our financial dashboard.

The Result

The value of the solution really kicked in when business users interact with the report, drilling down to view the profit, revenue/margin and overhead per project manager, the revenue/margin by project type and complexity, and the overhead by job function. 

With this critical information, Graham’s leadership teams can better understand and leverage the best practices and efficiencies that make projects profitable and answer pivotal questions including:

  • “How is our market shifting?”
  • “How are we trending versus the market?”
  • “Are we doing what we said we would?”
  • “Do more complex jobs generate higher margins as we expected?”
  • “As resources come available, where should we put them?”

In providing BI solutions such as this Operating Profit Report which validates anecdotal and tacit information, Graham IT/IS continues to cement a partnership with its leadership teams.

Graham’s CEO has sponsored additional BI efforts and the IT/IS group again partnered with Quadrus to deliver another solution to the business which utilized data mining to perform advanced statistical analysis of historical information to predict future organizational margins and profits.

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