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Optimizing Operations at McKesson Medical Imaging Group

Our Client

McKesson is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare services company (ranked in Fortune 500’s Top 20) dedicated to delivering high-quality pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to its customers.

The Need

For the company’s Medical Imaging Group (MIG), providing a predictable and reliable service experience to complement their high-quality medical image management products is essential to being a trusted and value-adding business partner.

MIG’s products had evolved in response to increased customer demand for more integrated and sophisticated technology, but over time the growing sophistication of their products and the complexity of their customers’ environments made the delivery of services to install and configure the products increasingly resource-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.

MIG recognized the need to look at their structure and processes to ensure they could keep pace with the demands of the changing business environment.

Since providing reliable and consistent after-sales service can promote increased retention, market share and profitability, MIG saw this as an opportunity to increase competitiveness and improve its position as an industry leader through a program of Business Process Improvement (BPI) focused on their services organization. MIG chose Quadrus to help make improvements to their services organization.

Our Solution

The Quadrus Service Excellence BPI Program is designed to optimize service organizations within product companies. It provided MIG a third-party analysis of their current operations, providing credible and professional insights to help them optimize delivery.

As the market becomes more competitive for product companies, the ability to differentiate themselves from competitors requires more than adding new features. As many leading product companies have found, the ability to differentiate with excellence in services after the sale provides both a competitive differentiator as well as a stronger relationship with their customers. This relationship is critical to gaining further market insight and overall market share.

Quadrus’ Service Excellence BPI Program provides a reliable solution for organizations to improve service delivery across three core dimensions: Operations, Delivery, and Relationship Management. The balance and coordination of these three dimensions are critical to being successful.

The Result

Quadrus and MIG worked together to identify unique and impactful opportunities for improvement that would help to align the company to the initial goals and objectives defined across Operations, Delivery and Relationship Management.

Quadrus’ Service Excellence BPI program allowed MIG to prioritize and select the set of opportunities for improvement that would serve to maximize value, return on investment and the strength of their after-sales services. Leveraging the Quadrus Service Excellence Roadmap, a tailored timeline and plan were developed to organize these goals and provide a realistic plan for achievement.

The structure of the Quadrus Service Excellence BPI Program was essential to creating a comprehensive analysis of MIG’s operations, instilling clarity and guidance for the ongoing implementation of improvements.

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