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Scalable Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) at Powerex

Our Client

Powerex is a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro – Canada’s third largest electric utility. They are recognized for being a highly reliable trade partner, buying and supplying physical wholesale power, natural gas, ancillary services, and environmental products across North America.

The Need

A significant part of Powerex’s business involves real-time power (electricity) trading, which must be accurately captured and processed consistently and quickly.

Powerex was looking to automate and speed up processing “straight through” the workflow to reduce corrections and support higher trading volumes. Quadrus was engaged to analyze Powerex’s enterprise application integration (EAI) requirements and recommend an infrastructure solution.

The Solution

Quadrus designed and built an enterprise straight-through processing (STP) architecture for Powerex that integrates real-time trading applications and deal processing systems.

Designing an optimal STP architecture to achieve EAI required extensive understanding of Powerex’s business domain, operating practices, and workflow. Quadrus worked closely with traders, risk managers, controllers, and IT to document relevant business processes, identify workflow, and capture requirements, and then to formulate a project plan to balance business needs with development costs and timelines.

Initially, Quadrus analyzed competing integration solution infrastructures and ultimately recommended Microsoft® BizTalk for its capability to meet Powerex’s requirements at a fraction of the cost of other available options.

With the project plan in place, Quadrus worked with Powerex to develop a robust and extensible STP framework. MSMQ was used as a transport mechanism with SQL Server at the back end.

Auditing capabilities, essential for Powerex’s operations, were provided by leveraging the asynchronous processing of MSMQ and BizTalk. Industry best practices were implemented and an iterative and incremental development approach was followed to identify and mitigate risk early in the development process.

Quadrus also delivered a variety of training courses to ensure that Powerex was equipped to support and enhance the new STP system. One-on-one mentoring was provided and detailed documentation was written to explain the solution architecture, the deployment process, and EAI best practices.

Powerex Corporation

The Quadrus team proved themselves to be very skilled, knowledgeable people who I would gladly work with again.

The Result

Powerex’s business goals were realized by integrating business workflows across enterprise software applications to achieve STP between systems. With this project, Powerex’s improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and risk, while also supporting higher transaction volumes toward increased revenues.

By streamlining and speeding up the trading process, and reducing errors from re-keying trade information into the old system, the highly scalable integration framework solution allowed Powerex to re-focus resources on higher-value aspects of the business process instead of on preventative and detective controls over trade processing. It has provided for lower throughput errors and significantly improved deal administration timeliness.

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