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Multi-Dimensional Data Warehousing for Shell Canada Retail Stores

Our Client

Shell Canada Limited is one of the largest integrated petroleum companies in Canada.

The Need

Many of Shell Canada’s retail sites were being redeveloped to expand the “Select” convenience stores network, which offers maximum “one-stop” convenience for Shell customers.

Shell’s existing data warehouse contained a rich breadth of data but wasn’t meeting Shell’s need for complex data analyses and fast performance. They understood the benefit of having a multi-dimensional data warehouse that could provide instant access to timely, analyzed data and reports, such as same-site analysis or sales-mix analysis, and engaged Quadrus to achieve this goal.

Our Solution

Quadrus worked closely with Shell to provide a targeted, well-functioning, robust, scalable and maintainable BI solution that delivers analytics to key decision makers within the organization.

To start, Quadrus performed a study of the various multi-dimensional databases and put forward a recommendation for analysis software. From there, a proof of concept was conducted, where the recommended software was purchased, installed, and configured to ensure it was the best possible solution for Shell’s needs. Finally, Quadrus provided training to internal users to ensure effective knowledge transfer for all stakeholders.

The Result

Shell’s new multi-dimensional data warehouse provides powerful analytics capabilities to perform highly granular customer-level analyses that lead to more informed business decisions.

Business decision-makers can analyze data at a moment’s notice using a familiar interface without having to understand the technologies that drive the system. By leveraging the information collected in its rich database, the solution allows Shell to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour to better fulfill customer needs.

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