Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analytics Techniques, Technologies, and Tools to Turn Your Data into Insight

Boost Performance, Agility & Advantage

Add advanced analytical capabilities to your BI practice with our business analytics solutions that uncover trends and knowledge hidden in your data. Let your data show you new insights that explain the past and predict the future.

Quadrus was instrumental in helping the BI Development team streamline our data processing.

Deep, Discoverable, Actionable Information

Quadrus has many years of experience providing business analytics services that deliver the utility and tools to provide the capabilities and information that businesses need. We help our clients get meaningful, objective and financially sound guidance on the decisions they need to make. Our team will help you expose the patterns and relationships unique to your business and capitalize on the resulting awareness and understanding.


Service Areas

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) graphic
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Align business objectives with measurable KPIs that show if you are on track.  We work with you and your team to identify, target, track, calculate, and report on the most important KPIs for measuring your business performance.

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Trend Analysis

Business data often contains hidden patterns that can inform and drive improved performance, outcomes, and results. Our expert analysts use advanced techniques and tools to reveal your underlying data trends.

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Data Science

Predict future events, outcomes, and behaviour from your data. Our data scientists use machine learning techniques and predictive models to identify complex data relationships to uncover predictable and reliable business outcomes.

Advanced Data Visualization
Advanced Visualization

Quadrus implements dynamic, intuitive reports, dashboards and other visualizations – using tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau – to empower users to reach decisions quickly and present and communicate findings to even the most non-technical of decision-makers.

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Business Intelligence Skills Development

Develop in-house expertise in BI and data management practices, processes and technologies. Our BI skills development consultants are experts in planning and delivering BI training and mentoring programs including Power BI for Business User Training; that quickly raise capabilities and deliver results.

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