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Data Integration & Migration

Connect Disparate Data, Applications, and Systems to Streamline Processing and Drive Consistency

Consolidate & Align Data to Get the Full Picture

Organizations that successfully collect, organize, and monitor their data have a distinct and growing business advantage. As a result, effective data integration and migration are vitally important.

A well-designed data solution provides an integration framework that seamlessly combines data from disparate sources into a single repository. This produces an accurate, unified view and permits querying, analysis and reporting. The result is 360° visibility into overall organizational performance, providing valuable insights which can’t be delivered by any single business unit alone.

We chose Quadrus for many reasons, including their significant expertise and extensive knowledge in data warehousing methodologies and technologies.

Streamline Processes & Increase Efficiency

Quadrus will help you leverage your data to shape business decisions and gain a competitive edge. We help our clients consolidate their data, enable immediate data sharing and ad-hoc connectivity, migrate data to a new system, or build an organization-wide data interface.

Service Areas

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Data Warehouse/Lake Development

Quadrus uses the most appropriate design, technology, and tools to develop scalable, extendable data stores that integrate application systems and support complex querying and reporting from a unified view.

Whether you require a comprehensive data lake, consolidated data warehouse, or a specialized data mart, Quadrus delivers robust, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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Data Virtualization

Traditional data warehouses are associated with data latency and complex extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. Using data virtualization frameworks, we combine your disparate data sources in a secure, virtual layer to give users instant access to real-time data which can be queried, manipulated, and reported on.

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Data Level Integration

Keeping data consistent between disparate applications is often a challenge for organizations of all sizes. Quadrus’ robust, proven, and cost-effective ETL framework can help align data between current applications or migrate data to a new system. Our designs, guides, and templates result in minimum source system impact and maximum information detail and throughput.

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Business Intelligence Skills Development

Develop in-house expertise in data integration and migration. Our Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL) course, enables course attendees to learn and explore the techniques that result in accurate, complete and easily accessible data — the keys to successful implementation.

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