Software Quality Assurance

Ensure the Functionality, Performance, and Reliability of Software Applications

Software Quality Assurance Services for Quality Software Products

The key to software quality is to implement a deliberate and well-defined testing approach before any actual development begins.

Quadrus builds reliability and robustness into software solutions by improving development using proven, structured testing techniques. As a result, applications are optimized for functionality, performance, and consistency.

Quadrus consultants’ minds and souls get into what they are doing. These are technically strong people with a willingness to get the job done. They are dedicated, committed, and get involved. Our needs are always met.

Service Areas

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Web & Mobile Testing

Modern web and mobile applications are intuitive, stable, reliable, and perform on a wide range of platforms. Quadrus tests applications for functionality, performance, load, usability, and compatibility, which are key for solutions that serve a large user base and run on multiple device types, screen resolutions, operating systems, and browsers.

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Test Automation

Using automated test tools ensures your repeatable tests are performed quickly and consistently. Quadrus assesses application testing requirements (continuous integration, regression testing, deployment process, etc.) and identifies suitable automation tools. We then work closely with your development team to set up an automated testing framework that provides the appropriate level of coverage.

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Functional Testing

Functional testing is a significant component of any test plan, and the right balance of manual and automated testing is key. Our QA analysts employ exploratory testing and manual testing to identify happy day and edge case scenarios and write test scripts to automate repeatable test cases where applicable.

Test Advisory & Execution

From enhancing an existing testing program or discipline to introducing a comprehensive testing strategy, Quadrus produces performant solutions to deliver the same – or better – quality from one release to the next.

  • Test planning, strategy, and management
  • Load testing, performance testing, stress testing, functional testing
  • Threat modeling and usability/compatibility testing
  • User acceptance testing, unit testing, and test automation

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Software Quality Assurance Skills Development

Quadrus offers a rich curriculum of training courses to support modern software development practices, processes, and technologies. Learn how to create high quality software through our range of Software Quality Courses covering TDD, BDD and ATDD.

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