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Software Assessment & Planning

Expert Advice on Advancing your Software Architecture, Code Base, Practices, and Planning

Maximize Return on Your Software Investments

Quadrus’ software assessment and planning services support you in planning or bringing to life a brilliant product idea, developing an innovative business solution, or breathing life into a mature application.

From analyzing your environment to assessing your business processes to planning the ideal architecture, product, or solution, our expert consultants have the extensive hands-on experience, technical skills, analysis tools, and proven processes that guarantee expert evaluation, planning, and implementation services.

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Quadrus developers are professionals who produced a solution tailor-made to our business requirements.

Service Areas

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Software Application Roadmap

For new software endeavors to be successful, the technical and non-technical factors must be carefully considered. Our senior consultants work closely with you to understand and clarify your goals before creating a Roadmap that includes:

  • Selection of technologies, methodologies, hardware, and platforms
  • Detailed skill and resource requirements
  • Cost and development schedule estimates

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Software Architecture Design

To start your software development project with a sound approach and solid framework, we devise a scalable and robust solution architecture that aligns with your existing services, technology standards, and usage patterns.

Key design elements include:

  • Security: Data and system access
  • Accessibility: Browsers and devices
  • Data model: Physical and logical design
  • Patterns & practices: Design and architecture
  • Integration: Interfaces and services
  • Stability and performance: Reliability and scalability
  • Deployment model: Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid

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Software Practice Assessment

Ask our senior consultants to assess the effectiveness of your software development practices to meet your development objectives. Our scope includes assessing the quality, consistency, and robustness of current practices and process, and the provision of a thorough list of recommendations.

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Software Application Assessment

Get expert advice on how your product or application can benefit by adopting modern technologies, methodologies, and development paradigms. We work with you to understand your objectives and capabilities and assess your application for sustainability, scalability, and extensibility. Then we make detailed recommendations to optimize performance.

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Skills Development

Develop in-house expertise in modern software development practices, processes, and technologies. Our skills development consultants are experts in planning and delivering training and mentoring programs that quickly raise capabilities and deliver results.

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