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Performant, Robust, Intuitive Online Applications and Enterprise Solutions

Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Connected Device

Quadrus develops business-driven, user-focused, responsive web applications to interface between business and remote users, enable universal access to data, and perform real-time business tasks from virtually anywhere.

Our advanced programming experience and deep understanding of underlying web technologies deliver highly efficient, innovative solutions that use less bandwidth and require fewer platform resources.  We work with your organization’s IT guidelines to align practical, modern web technologies and practices to deliver sustainable and robust web applications.

Agile Web Development

Our process starts with understanding your requirements, development environment, team capabilities, and overall objectives. From there, we design a solution architecture, map out UI and UX, and identify web technologies and frameworks appropriate to your organization. We work closely with your team in an Agile fashion to code, test, and rapidly deploy your web application.

Quadrus members are well-received because of the experience, skills and discipline they bring to a project.

Service Areas

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Custom Web Applications

Quadrus develops modern web applications to interface between business and remote users, enabling universal access to data and the performance of real-time business tasks from any connected device.

Our full-stack developers excel in delivering rich, responsive, interactive web applications that users appreciate, such as:

  • Optimized user experience (UX)
  • Robust back-end development
  • Efficient, secure data storage in a relational database, NoSQL data store, or cloud
  • Integration with existing and legacy applications, e.g., ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Multi-browser compatibility and responsive design

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Web Application Enhancement

To enhance the value and maximize the lifespan of your web and/or legacy applications, Quadrus assesses the existing application against your requirements and usage patterns. We then deliver a Roadmap that includes:

  • A detailed explanation of suggested improvements
  • Recommendations on adding or enhancing features, functionality, and security
  • An explanation of resource needs, cost, and development schedule

From there, we enhance or redevelop the application(s) to ensure optimal business and technical performance.

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User Experience (UX) Planning & Assessment

Quadrus conducts a UX analysis of existing applications to see if they meet your usability, accessibility, and aesthetics objectives. We then provide a Roadmap for improvement.

For new development, we deliver a UX Roadmap that includes a strategic overview of business goals, user needs, feature and functionality recommendations, and an implementation timeline.

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Web Applications Skills Development

Quadrus offers a rich curriculum of training courses to help organizations successfully build quality software product. Courses, such as our UX for Developers Course, are offered at our fully-equipped training facility in downtown Calgary. We are also able to deliver courses remotely through web meeting for geographically distributed teams.

Explore some of our Software Development clients and solutions.

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