Software Estimation

Gain the Benefits of Better Planned and Managed Software Development Projects Using Quadrus’ Proven Software Estimation Methodology

Accurate Software Estimation

IT projects are notorious for being delivered late, over budget, and sometimes not at all due to inaccurate software estimation using traditional approaches. The most common reasons for this include:

  • Misunderstood requirements and/or invalid assumptions
  • Missing tasks and activities
  • Incomplete and/or overly simplistic estimation techniques

Software Estimation Challenges

Incorrect assumptions & invalid statistical methods result in wildly inaccurate estimates.

Quadrus Estimation Methodology (QEM)

Quadrus’ approach is different, resulting in the consistent delivery of projects on time and within budget. Our proprietary estimation methodology (QEM) applies a combination of statistical methods and industry experience to the software estimation process to accurately estimate effort, duration, and cost before and during the project’s lifetime. It delivers estimates for project effort (total amount of work to be done), duration (total calendar time), and resources (number of FTEs) together with confidence intervals.

Codifying this methodology, we developed a full-feature, intuitive and easy to use web-application called The Estimator™ to allow users to rapidly apply QEM to generate accurate estimates and chart a consistent course toward product success.

How is QEM different?

  • It recognizes that way in which people estimate (creating single-point estimates for tasks or stories) and employs Monte-Carlo simulation to aggregate individual estimates in a statistically correct way.
  • It considers the project tasks that are often left out of project estimates, such as requirements clarification, task management and coordination, meetings, demos, testing, and deployment.
  • It recognizes that not all project requirements are known up front, and provides a mechanism for estimating the percentage of known requirements (versus the percentage of unknown requirements) to scale the estimate to reflect the reality of unknown requirements.

Quadrus offers a variety of QEM services to help you improve the accuracy of estimates performed by your team and/or your entire organization. If your team or organization is Agile, or considering Agile, you may wish to combine Quadrus’ Agile Adoption services with the QEM services listed below.

Services Areas

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Software Estimation for Individual Teams

Set your project up for success with our QEM Jumpstart. This service provides project teams with the training, mentoring, tools, and techniques to create accurate project estimates.

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Software Estimation for Organizations

Our Enhanced QEM Jumpstart helps you consistently deliver successful projects across your organization. This program extends beyond a single project team to facilitate rapid, smooth, effective adoption of QEM across multiple project teams, or the entire organization.

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Reliable Software Estimation Training

Accurate cost, time, and resource estimates are fundamental to the success of software development projects. In our 1-day Reliable Software Estimation course, learn how to use our proven Estimation Methodology and associated web and mobile toolsets to quickly leverage the benefits of accurate estimation.

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