Quadrus Development Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

October 1, 2018

Quadrus Development Inc. , a leading provider of Information Technology Services and IT Training, is celebrating 25 years of serving the Calgary corporate community. Their President, Brian Donaldson, and Executive Technical Director, Greg Lancaster, co-founded Quadrus in October 1993. At the time, the Information Technology industry was becoming aware of looming Y2K challenges, personal computers and the new Windows 3.1 operating system were positioned to revolutionize business computing, and the first internet web browsers were being released.

Recognizing the impact that these monumental technical innovations would have on software development, Donaldson and Lancaster set out to create a company focused on ensuring that advancements in IT platforms and technologies did not come at the sacrifice of software fundamentals and best practices. “Software Development Done Right”, Quadrus’ original slogan, was key in 1993 and the philosophies of consulting and technical excellence remain at the core of Quadrus’ guiding principles today. This is especially relevant as Quadrus works with organizations embarking on Digital Transformation to revolutionize business operations and improve competitive positioning.

25 Years – Brian Donaldson

As IT advancements in languages, frameworks, and technology platforms including mobile and web platforms have brought about positive outcomes in business and enriched our daily lives, it is even more important to continue to deliver robust and secure solutions and to develop our training curriculum to support this goal. In doing so we enhance quality and reduce the level of risk in commercialized software.

Brian Donaldson, Co-Founder & President


Brian Donaldson, Co-Founder & President

Quadrus’ entry into Information Technology Training occurred organically in 1997, as an extension of the consulting services arm of their business. As clients experienced the quality and expediency of Quadrus’ technical delivery, clients requested that Quadrus teach their developers and analysts the methodologies, technologies and technical practices that Quadrus Consultants followed. To this day, Quadrus’ training curricula – ranging from project management, business intelligence and software development – is delivered by IT and software professionals who are active, practicing Quadrus consultants. In 2013, Quadrus merged with Improving Holdings LLC, becoming part of the Improving Group. The Improving Group provides IT and training services across the U.S. and Canada.

Since 1993, Quadrus has kept pace with both industry advancements and market change – consistently and reliably delivering IT software solutions to high-tech startups, mid-market businesses, and large enterprises, while successfully navigating market recessions and recoveries. Profitable every year since inception, Quadrus’ longevity in the ever-competitive IT software services industry is a major accomplishment that the entire Quadrus team wears with pride.

25 Years – Dawn Gibson

The partnership and trust that our clients place in Quadrus to consistently deliver high quality software solutions are paramount to our past, present and continued success. We could not have achieved such a significant milestone without the collective passion, innovative spirit, skill and commitment of our member employees.

Dawn Gibson, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration


Dawn Gibson, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration

As the age of Digital Transformation is taking hold in many major business sectors, Quadrus is already working with clients in the application of current and emerging software development methodologies, technologies, and frameworks in the development and delivery of robust IT solutions that emphasize usability, security and sustainability, while emphasizing strong software fundamentals and best practices.

Quadrus 25 Years Logo

Quadrus is a leading provider of software development, business intelligence, technical training, and consulting services. Quadrus Development Inc. is located at Suite 400, 640‑8th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 1G7.

More information on Quadrus and its services can be found by visiting their website at https://www.quadrus.com or by contacting Nicole Hilland, nicoleh@quadrus.com, (403) 257‑0850.

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