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Optimizing IT Operations Through Cloud Computing
This whitepaper discusses the cloud from the perspective of the business executive and why businesses should be aware of the impacts of the cloud computing paradigm.

The Next Generation of Mobile Computing
We explore the advances in mobile computing, the impacts on IT architecture, and challenges organizations need to consider when creating an optimized mobile solution.

High Performance Computing
Choosing the right HPC approach(es) means appropriately addressing complex and computationally intensive operations in a cost-effective manner. This paper focuses on addressing the impact of current hardware design, the approaches to grid and cloud computing, and considerations in choosing HPC solutions.

IT Alignment Through Enterprise Architecture
The term “IT architecture” often encompasses a related set of activities that focus on various aspects of IT operations. But without a holistic framework, these architectural efforts may not align towards a common goal. In this whitepaper, we discuss how organizations can establish a successful enterprise architecture.

Enterprise Application Integration
Enterprise Application Integration becomes relevant when state changes of one application have an effect on the operation of another application. The degree of dependence can vary from a simple data lookup to the initiation of a complex business process involving multiple systems. This paper explores integration mechanisms, orchestration approaches and integration propagation times.

Quadrus Estimation Methodology
The Quadrus Estimation Methodology (QEM) is our solution to the long standing need for accurate and useful software project estimates. In this article we explain why traditional estimation techniques often prove unsuccessful and explore the fundamentals underlying Quadrus’ practical and unique estimation approach.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Business Intelligence Teams
Seven key actions that will help your team steer away from the problems, issues and common gotchas that often cause BI projects to fail.

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