YYC Tech Gives 2015 SPAM Cup

December 2, 2015

Quadrus was proud to join 31 other companies to compete in YYC Tech Gives’ annual SPAM Cup, where teams race to see who can pack the most food on the assembly line of the Calgary Food Bank.

YYC Tech Gives is a group of 31 Calgary tech companies that raise funds throughout the year in support of the Calgary Food Bank. They have raised $650,000 over the past 5 years. The SPAM Cup is their marquee event, covered by CBC’s Angela Knight.

This year there was the opportunity to add a “ringer” to your team for extra points and many volunteered, including Harvey the Hound and our own ringer Three-time Canadian Olympic decathlete Michael C. Smith!

After all was said and done 30,255 lbs of food was packed – a 23% increase over last year. Additionally, we collectively raised an amazing $184,815 from our various company events throughout 2015.

YYC Gives Group 2015


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